TOLEDO CITY, CEBU- The calibre artist Orley Ypon and his fellow realist artists are delineating in unison their finest paintings at Aroma Art Gallery in Maxi J. Building, Purok Ipil-Ipil, Brgy. Dumlog, Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines during its opening last February 18, 2021 at about 6:00 o’clock in the evening.

During the opening, people of Toledo City gathered together for Toledo’s pride not only in the Philippines but, also of the whole world. The Aroma Art Gallery exhibits the paintings of the realist artists of Toledo City.

This is the first time in Toledo City where paintings are displayed by the well-known artist around the globe, Mr. Orley Ypon. The gallery aims to develop and expose realist artists at their full potential to become successful through good mentoring programs and activities such as demos, workshops, exchange programs, and exhibits.

Orley Ypon in a website said ( that he will continue to paint his favorite scenes of life and culture while continuously evolving his traditional technique through study and awareness of contemporary art forms.

Indeed, paintings express a thousand words of emotions may it be happiness, dejection, serenity, anger etc. In Aroma Art Gallery, the artists are aware with their viewers who have high expectations upon viewing their masterpieces. The paintings are really jaw-dropping and are impeccable to the eyes of the viewers. 

Other artists of Aroma Art Gallery gain their skill from Orley Ypon who is a self-taught artist influenced and inspired by the classical masters. He loves to develop the skills of these young and aspiring artists in the art literacy.

Orley Ypon and the fellow artists of Aroma Art Gallery are not only making Toledanos proud but also the whole Filipinos through-out the world.

Gadabout inside the gallery anytime soon and enjoy the sounds of their paintings in silence at par excellence.


Browsing the internet, my wife and I come across the newest seafood buffet in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. We then proceeded at Doris Diner, offering the most perfect in-season seafoods which are crazy good and tasty.

Magbusog Kita! The slogan of Doris Diner connotes intention to satisfy our tummies from their impressive array of delectable seafood dishes. Crabs, scallops, and fish in different styles of dishes will blow up your mind. These sea creatures came from the famous Island of  the Philippines in the province of Cebu, Bantayan Island.

Anything goes for eating within a maximum time of three (3) hours. But the three hours would be a whole other level of enjoying the seafoods within your reach. Indeed, you will be rejoicing their food like in a sumptuous feast.

Every meal will heat up your taste buds with the delicate flavors of seafood in all the right ways.

You will be in awe when you arrived at Doris Diner. The restaurant offers ample space for everyone. Now, they are opening their non-airconditioned area to dine safely in this pandemic. They are also open for deliveries. Order-all-you-want at Php 498.00 and Ala Carte at Php 148.00 per dish. Come and visit Doris Diner located at James Town, Mantawe Avenue, Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines. For reservations call them at 09567886491 or 09325059078. You can also visit their Facebook page at or Instagram @dorisdinerseafoodbuffet.


I had been at Vikings for three times already. I was in awe when I visited the place for the first time in 2016.

The place is really spacious and there are sumptuous foods which are all elegantly and beautifully displayed.

Since it offers buffet, a lot of customers are properly guided.

In fact, I went to the said place at noon for a dinner reservation. I was even instructed to come early for dinner at 5:30PM because if my number will be called and I will not be around, walk -in will be entertained. So, you still have to wait for your number to be called again.

So, I went there at 5PM and there were many walk-in customers already. Luckily, I was around when my number was called. That time, I was with my friends. The first food I ate was the one whole leg of Roasted Turkey. It was tender and the taste is outstanding. 

During my second visit, I was already with my wife. The place looked so festive because of customers. The feeling was like a grandiose celebration. The food were still gorgeous and arranged exquisitely. I did not miss to eat my favorite one whole leg of roasted turkey.

The third visit was just recently, January 29, 2021. Vikings also have the new normal protocols. People are wearing mask in choosing their favorite food. Social distancing is also practiced. Every corner has alcohol to use. I also noticed that the workers are now more entertaining and the most common word I heard from them is ”Perfect!”

I was also with my wife during my third visit and everything really filled my palate. But this time Roasted Turkey was not available.

Yet, Viking is really the best buffet restaurant in Cebu City. 

Vikings is located at SM City Cebu, North wing. Serving time is at 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM until 10 PM. Prices vary during lunch and dinner. Php 688 plus 5% service charge during lunch time while Php 888 plus 5% service charge during dinner. 

Viking offers promos for birthday celebrant, senior citizens, and others. Please read more at this site .You may call for advance reservation at 0998-996-9888 or 0917-576-9888 or call (032) 255-3888. 

Note: Featured image not mine. Credit to the owner.


I am a member of “Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon- Ormoc“, a religious community, since 2004. My brothers and sisters in Christ become witnesses of who I am as a son of God. As a leader of the “Ang Lingkod” community, I agree that it is very difficult to become “holy“. However, I keep on striving to become one in the eyes of the Lord as well as to others.

Every day, I could witness that indeed God is faithful to us. During my prayer time, I talk to Him like a friend. I also worship and praise Him every day. Building relationship with the Lord through prayer time makes my life fruitful. I gain true friends and  become productive even beyond my capacity. God is really true!

I was teaching while I was very active in the religious community. But, I resigned for the sake of studying law.  For me, studying law is a more challenging task to do than teaching. Becoming a full time law student, my relationship with the Lord was tested. 

I have many sleepless nights preparing for next day’s oral recitations and tests. But my efforts while studying law ended up into a life full of mess. 

Totally, the experience of becoming a law student was a tragedy. I failed many subjects in law school. I started to be drunk. I experienced having  street fights. 

A religious one became a person drowning into evil vices. I was transfigured into a different person. Not the  improved version. I was changed by bad companions who were very extravagant in terms of spending money. Actually my purpose of being with these companions was to change their lives into good. But, it ended up differently. My life during law school became a trash!

One Sunday evening, I attended a mass.  The gospel reading was about Jesus Christ’s transfiguration. I was hit by the homily of the priest. He was preaching by instructing the people to go back the past. He said that our past teaches us to be ready. 

When we face situation that is similar from the past, we could instantly apply the lessons we learned before. Our past will always come back. Although, in different time of events but in the same situation. 

If we look back, we become confident facing the situation that you encounter today. For instance, if you are a student and you experienced getting failing grades from the past because you did not study. You will already know the consequences of not studying. When you look back, you already provided with an instant solution for you to be able to pass a subject and avoid getting a failing grade.

That having been said, the priest further illustrated the relation of the gospel about our past experiences. He said that little by little,  we can be transfigured. He used the experience of his friend to elaborate the message of the gospel. 

His friend has a deeper relationship with the Lord and every time he reads the gospel and prays every day, his meditation will be written on a notebook. Let us just call his friend Mandy. Mandy has a very strong faith with the Lord but when he got married, his life becomes so sad that he could not enjoy because of the fights he experienced with his wife since the start of his marriage. 

Mandy consulted priest friend. The priest simply said that everything happens because of a purpose. He told Mandy to look at the past. Mandy replied that he was so faithful with the Lord and  he loves the Lord very much.

Then, the priest honestly explained to Mandy. The priest said that the Lord is telling him that it was the very purpose why Mandy was too close to God in the past.

He was close to God in the past because He is only preparing him for a difficult life. That he should not be worried about what is happening in his life because God did not promise a life in a bed of roses. As we live, the evil is continually pulling us from GOD. The Lord assures that He will always with us whatever happen. We just need to be faithful to Him because he is always faithful to us. 

Truly, our pasts prepare us for the future. Whatever changes we experience, God will continually grasps his hands to arrest us with a tight embrace so that we could not escape from Him. 

However, if we stop trusting Him and we believe that man other than God will help us, then you allow yourself to gnash your teeth in the hell. God said in Phillipians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


Photo by Wendy van Zyl from Pexels; by Luis Quintero from Pexels; by Mike from Pexels; by Anete Lusina from Pexels; by Pixabay from Pexels


Every one of us is so excited to owning a house. I still remember when I was still young, I dreamt of a house and until now I am still dreaming my dream house. God only knows when He could provide me one. Surely, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He will!

House is a necessity. It is the place where we can relax and enjoy. It also provides security and privacy. It is the place where you can witness the struggles of the family as well as it successes. 

Is owning a house an asset or a liability. A house is an asset when money goes into our pocket. It could be a liability, when money goes outside from our pocket. Remember that when we plan to construct our own house, we could spend money. During construction, another money will be spent. When our house is constructed, interior designing  needs another amount of money. When time goes by, our house needs repair or renovation and it needs another amount of money. So, the money goes out from our pocket. With these, a house is a liability. Not an asset.

But, can we turn the house into an asset? According to Robert Kiyosaki, a famous author of the book entitled, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, he said that a house could either be an asset and a liability. If you really want to earn money, you can own a house which could also fill money into your pocket. How?

Hmmm… we could make a house an asset. When we build our own house, we could partition the same and use the other part for “rent”. This way,  you could earn money monthly. This money helps alleviate expenses for your own house. Money could fill your pocket.

Now, make sure that you can own a house that is an asset.

Image from:

  1. Image by Tomáš Malík from Pexels;
  2. Image by Pixabay from Pexels;
  3. Image by David McBee from Pexels;
  4. Image by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels


While I was enjoying browsing TikTok, I was able to watch a video with water as its subject. We could not even fake it that our body is made up of 75% water. The planet that we even enjoy at the moment is also made up of 75% water. Thus, everyone of us here on earth needs water. Water is essential. It is necessary, very important!

Water is very powerful that it gives a lot of benefits to our body. When we do  strenuous activities, we need water to boost or activate metabolism. Water is known to have a therapeutical power. Since ancient time, ancients applied this commonly called “Water Theraphy” when they are sick. They found out that the said therapy is very effective. 

Remember also that our brain is made up of water. Drinking enough water aids in cognitive function. We will be alert when we drink water. This is proven and tested. I am also one of the living proof.

Since our body is made up of 75% water,  we will be hydrated when we drink water. Drinking water brightens our skin and prevents dehydration. Our mood  will also be improved when we intake water. Our blood oxygen circulation will also be enhanced.

Nutritionists also suggest that drinking water helps you lose weight. I have a workmate in the office who used water while having a diet. When she feel hungry, she drinks water and she looks very sexy.

When we eat food, water helps them to break down. Nutrients will be easily absorbed. Water really helps dissolve vitamins and minerals from our food. 

When we perspire, urinate or defecate, water is excreted. It would also be advisable to drink water to maximize physical performance. 

We really need water. When we need water, we also have the obligation to save the same. Water is our power.

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“Look deep into nature and then you will understand thing better” – Albert Einstein

Appreciating the beauty of nature is so natural. However, some abuse the mother earth with no respect. Despite of the brutality, there are still others who preserve the fascinating and outstanding look of nature.

I salute these people! The children yet unborn could still witness the nature’s revelation of simplicity yet alluring beauty. One of these nature’s revelation is considered as one of the most visited place in the Philippines— Kalangaman Island located at Palompon, Leyte.

I have been there for four times. If you are from Cebu City, you have alternatives. For my case, I only tried two alternatives. 

First alternative. From Cebu City you can ride a fast craft or a big boat. For fast craft you have many alternatives, Supercat or To Go and Oceanjet. For big boats you have Roble and Light Ferry.

If you arrived Ormoc City, The City of Beautiful People, you can ride a public utility van (PUV) to Palompon, Leyte. Tell the driver that you will go to the Department of Tourism of the said Municipality. While travelling, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature in going to Palompon, Leyte. You will be amazed of the rice fields, the animals, and the customs of the people from Leyte.

From the Office of the Department of Tourism, you can pay for the entrance fee in the amount of Php. 150 per person. The Officer-In-Chargewill give you the right to choose for the rent of the pump boat ranging from Php. 3,500 (good for 10 to 15 persons) to Php.4,500 (good for 20 to 25 persons).

Second Alternative. From Cebu City you can ride a van to Bogo City. From the terminal, you can ride a tricycle to Pulambato, Port. Then, charter a pump boat right away to Kalanggaman Island.

It would be advisable that you need to travel with your friends in order to economize the budget especially for the rent of boat. Just a reminder, it is better if you bring food and water in going to the island. Travel time ranges from 45 min to 1 hour from the Department of Tourism of the Municipality of Palompon as well as from Pulambato, Port to Kalanggaman Island. If you don’t want to navigate with big waves, please avoid to plan your travel during the “ber” months (September, October, November, and December).

Big waves are inevitable during September, October, November, and December. The sea is quiet and peaceful during summer. It is really safe to travel during summer time. In my experience when my family travelled last December 2013, the big waves shook the boat and made us nervous in going back to the mainland. After the said travel you would thank the Lord for the second life.

Another hint, it would be better if you travel early in the morning so you can enjoy while you are in the island. You can still catch up a bus or a van in going back to Ormoc or any other destinations (which is the most important). 

The last time when I got there, the last trip was as early as 5PM. My classmates and I have a hard time in finding ways how to go back to Ormoc because we did not catch the last trip. Fortunately, there were tricycle drivers who were eager and willing to help us. They allowed us to be transported to another terminal (Isabel Terminal) where we can ride for a bus in going to Ormoc.

Indeed, the view of the island is very beautiful and you will be fascinated with its alluring beauty of nature. You can take pictures to be uploaded in your own Facebook account for a number of “likes”. I am sure, you can gain a lot of reactions from your friends. So, prepare your fashionable swim wears and unique poses. You will really enjoy your stay in this island. The water is really clean. Rest assured that you will never regret the experience!

“In nature, lights create color. In the pictures, color creates the lights.” -Hans Hoffmann


I have been thinking about my own family before writing this article. I got married last December 10, 2018 and I am blessed with one child, the precious gift that GOD gives me. I miss my child every second of the day. That is how I love my family. I have my wife with me every day since we work in the same office.

I also missed my mother and brothers. I am in Cebu, Philippines while they are in Leyte, Philippines. I spent my thirty-six years of my life with them and they help me a lot of who I am today. 

Family is the basic unit of a society. But, why is family very important? I have listed here the importance of family and the need to have them. These are the following;

  1. To alleviate depression. There are researches that say, kids who ate with their families regularly could less likely to show depression symptoms. 
  2. To improve academic performance. Family who spent time together could share some ideas which could be passed on to your kids while having conversation with them.
  3. To discipline and teach good values. Parent are the first one who could manage the attitude of the children. Children, on the other hand, reacted on how the parents discipline them. Always remember that the children will value the way their parents discipline them. If parents take for granted the mistakes of their children. Children will be the one who will abuse the same and show their mistakes to others.
  4. To have a healthy community. If families learn how to discipline their children, leaders in the community will easily know how to manage the community.
  5. To lean on when problems arouse. Family could support the children from the start, emotionally or financially. Family could also teach them how to pray. During personal crisis, the family is the first one to understand and accept them.
  6. To motivate children. If person has a strong ties with his family, he will always be loved and be supported. Words from the parents will motivate him in times of problems. Hence, family is the essential source of encouragement and affection.
  7. To protect wealth. In terms of business wealth, one could trust a member of the family.
  8. To feel that sense of happiness.




During my childhood days, I started to love plants. My grandmother had bountiful ornamental and fruit-bearing plants in our yard. Until such time that I graduated from High School, I decided to study plants. Hence, I graduated with agriculture in my course after college days. I could always remember how fascinated I was during the discussion about plants. That time, I memorized their scientific names including the scientific names of the weeds that grow around them. It was so much fulfilling. 

But what are plant’s worth? Recently, many people have motivated to plant because of the pandemic. Plants are becoming more expensive. But, why are these people fulfilled their satisfaction by only having plants? These are the benefits that these plant could give to you, to wit;

  1. Plants lower the level of anxiety because by seeing a lot of plants, people feel more relaxed and calm;
  2. Plants increase attentiveness and memory because by being around plants, memory and attention span will be increased by 20 percent;
  3. If plants are added to your workplace, productivity will be increased because there are people who love to work with plants;
  4. Decrease stress levels and empower mood because caring of plants promotes comfortable, relaxed and natural feelings.
  5. Plants arouse creativity because people are 15 percent more creative if surrounded by greenery and natural elements.




Depressed? Stressed? Or Emotionally disturbed?

This article will give simple solution. You read here right! You only need to smile and laugh.

At first, what is the difference between laughing and smiling. Alleen Pace Nilsen and Don L.F. Nilsen discovered the distinction between smiling and laughing. They said, “Smiles are more likely to express feelings of satisfaction or good will, while laughter comes from surprise or a recognition of an incongruity”. (

When we are with your friends, we laugh out loud when someone throws joke or acts like a comedian. There is usually sound that will comes out from our throat. In expressing the same into writing, we write it this way “Hahaha…”  

We smile usually when we are alone reading book. When we smile, the both ends of your mouth will go up. But, smiling and laughing will indicate that we are happy.

Smiling and laughing are two simple solutions when we feel distressed, stressed and/ or emotionally disturbed. Do you know that they could also give other benefits? Here are the benefits of smiling and laughing, to wit; (

1. relax our whole body;

2. boost the immune system because when you laugh and smile, the stress hormones will decrease while the immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies will increase;

3. release the body’s natural feeling-good chemicals (endorphins);

4. improve the function of blood vessels and increase blood flow, thus protecting the heart from illness;

5. burn calories;

6. alleviate anger’s heavy load;

7. may help you live longer;

8. strengthen relationship to others;

9. attract other to us;

10. enhance teamwork;

11. help defuse conflict;

12. promotes group bonding.

These are only few benefits. If I were you, start to laugh or smile now while reading this article. Deal?

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